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The German bank „seems slow to patronize the public prosecutors around the world to be.

Is already in Italy and Germany against the German bank (1), is chief executive of the famous, infamous Mr. Ackermann, also called Bananenjoe because of his friendship with Mrs Merkel determined, this is now in the U.S. state of Massachusetts is the case. (2)

This is the German bank in Italy almost a regular player at the prosecutor. „The Italian investigators have so far not satisfied with the statements of Deutsche Bank on its role in the Parmalat scandal. (3)

In Germany, under investigation for tax evasion against the value of Bananenjoe 7 employees (4) and now Massachusetts.

„As in Germany, and Italy now go, the supervisory authorities of the State of Massachusetts to the suspicion that the German bank has taken advantage of financial products for local communities for their own benefit.“ (5)

And one must not forget the ongoing trial in New York against Ackermann and his bank. „Regardless of the SEC has also initiated in the past week, the New York prosecutors a case against eight banks and to check whether the institutions have made misleading statements to mortgage products that they have submitted to rating agencies to rate. (5)

One has the impression that the name German bank and Joe Ackermann’s always something to do with corruption and fraud, why?

Then it had a surprise when the ex-member of the Socialist Unity Party, Mrs. Illner Milbrit with Bananenjoe Ackermann makes a talk show, as a state guest. Ackermann was € uncommented his philosophy and anti-Greece make themselves heard before a large audience. The Merkel government was bound to distance itself from Bananejoe themselves.

„The German bank chief had said he doubted that Greece can pay back the loans in full relief. The deputy government spokeswoman Sabine Heimbach dismissed the comments back on Friday: You do not correspond to the views of the government. “ (6)

Where is the question of which view has since our government? Yesterday against the transaction tax on financial products, now for it, and if it is not, just the action of taxation on financial products (7). So, what is called opportunism or turncoat politics, and that would be considered quite the merkelsche in their tradition and origin.

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