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Red-Red has no ombudsman against corruption, but a lot of corruption cases. Who has meant, with refuse leave to operate only in Cologne a lot of money in their pockets, who has made a mistake. (1)

Although the manager to earn the sanitation of Berlin more than the Chancellor, some get just the famous throat is not full enough. „Whether sanitation earn ….., (or) nearly 50 companies in the capital ()“ the bosses … often far more than the members of the state and the federal government. “ (2)

 Specifically, that is, for the first 2006 (3) in the top job came rubbish manager Lothar Kramm 286 000 €, after all, more than 3000 € 283 000 € with Merkel, stand 2009th The income of the manager at the „BSR (BSR): Vera Gäde-Butzlaff (321 000 €) Lothar Kramm (286 000 €), Andreas Scholz-Fleischmann (289 000 €) „is impressive yet. (2)

It is now come before the court sitting Lothar Kramm very strange way to his job as a rubbish manager. „How BSR spokeswoman Sabine Thümler said yesterday, would Kramm the duties of the terminated without notice BSR Board Gerhard Gamperl , But do not belong to the Board. This is according to a Thümler Interim solution. Because the two remaining board members could not accept BSR additional work. „(4)

Be awarded as early as in odd jobs in the Berlin senate administration and its own companies. A manager directs that, but not members of the Board, may be here already is the gist of the matter for the behavior of managers Kramm.

„Corruption and betrayal of official secrets – these are the accusations brought against Lothar Kramm, top executives of BSR,“. (5) So now the prosecutor has finally filed charges so Kramm now sits in court and not in his office chair and board without which belongs to him.

Specifically, it is important that Kramm „three years ago (when) BSR (and) million dollar (s) upgrade the incinerator Ruhleben, (which) was announced in Europe,“ it has been very active behavior, and thus a commission of 600 000 Euro is said to have earned in addition. This reminds then to Cologne and small entrepreneurs the garbage Hellmut Trienekens (1) or just a few numbers, Gerhard Hanke (54, CDU) (7) Education and sports council of Spandau-Berlin.

To come to the commission, „shall be the chief financial officer have a preferred bidder to improperly“, which in the waste industry is probably obvious. And the lobbying played a role in the case Kramm Necessary and shows how to set up an ombudsman with power to act for Berlin, but it is not just for the capital, although there is corruption like the plague raging in the Middle Ages.

„Kramm, 2007 was instrumental in the preparation of the tender for 150 million euro contract heavy. For this he had also contacted BSR according to industry lobbyists Herbert G. Date, which is now accused of having engineered the corruption. “ (6) Therefore this process is also a particular role, although G. is a lobbyist as a foam bat, because „he represents the company was still before the start of the bidding process exited because of differences over liability issues.“ (6)

One can only wonder what the outcome of the process and how the red-red senate respond because of an Ombudsman against corruption is visible for miles around and hear nothing. Abgeordnetenhaus 2011 elections and since turnout is likely to slip below 50% and the SPD and the Left can then deal in more detail in the opposition with the theme of corrupt capital.








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