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The always pays his membership fee.

One wonders already what’s wrong with Christians and Democrats in this country who are in the Club or party CDU CSU or presume to govern our country. From the Morality her view, would have to resolve these two long been a bailiff Union Clubs.

If you own the latest scandal to deal with the „affair of the 30,000 Euro compensation(3) by the coal group RAG „conspicuous Parliament President Regina van Dinther (51, CDU) from NRW, Then one notes that have „Von’s or Van’s“ what the bell.

„In the affair to the adviser’s fees Coal Group RAG1 Diet has been President Regina van Dinther (CDU) Defended. It is not for sale „(1). That may believe it or not, mean it is in any case, what will happen now, that is probably unprecedented in the banana republic of Germany.

Now, „appeared … a party-letter on, the van brings Dinther Erklärungsnot. The letter of 30 September, the politician was made by the Managing Director of CDU district Ennepe-Ruhr, Manfred Lorenz.

Morality we, not do know.

The calls in there, I van Dinther in the last 15 years, paid at 12 times no membership fee to the party. Lorenz, now secretary of the CDU Lower calls to the CDU-top, woman within a month for the years 2003 to 2009 at least the minimum contribution of 60 euros to pay.

Spicy is the case especially because CDU members loud Statute lose their rights if they have paid six months at fault did not contribute. This would mean that van Dinther nominations for the last Election and CDU Federal Executive 2008 could be challenged. „(2)

Well, now we know since the debt binge of the CDU-led government since 1983, Kohl that, in the CDU with the basic operations always had problems, and morality, it was with the Christians of the CDU and CSU never far away, but the Avarice, Now the nobles at the Regina van Dinther (CDU) and Karl-Theodor von Guttenberg bring to the policy, which has a new quality.

The Club of the service providers

And about the responsibility for the whole Measurement to assume that even now at CDU politicians completely out and in particular at Ms. Regina van Dinther (CDU). 


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