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The material from which the construction industry alive.

Whether corruption or disloyalty, a politician is always there.

Hardly a day goes by in this country where not a politician or civil servant caught is because he is corrupt.

Sometimes it is a member of the SPD, as the former chairman of building committee of the Angeordnetenhauses of Berlin and still head of the Committee on Petitions, Ralf Hill Mountain. (1)

Then again, it is responsible for such an important office such as education and sports council Gerhard Hanke (54, CDU). Hanke was responsible not only for the two areas, but also had the use of the premises of the famous citadel in Spandau in his care.

And the care he seems to have exploited heartily. Hanke is suspected of corruption and infidelity, because he probably organized jointly with the tenant of the renowned inn in the citadel a private party for his wife. Of course, for nothing, but then the tenant could ever use spaces without a lease in the citadel.

One hand washes the other, so what we call corruption in the jungle. But not enough of the greed for more and all for nothing, even as it came to Hillberg best works. This time, the son of an employee from the administration of sport was on the line, along the lines of what the boss can, I can do better.

„In addition, is an employee of the sports administration is suspected to have discretionary basis to his son works at interweaving bogus offers.“ (2) It is true what’s happening in the construction industry in Berlin, not only in the SPD.

Who said anything today, "No, thanks"?

Berlin and Construction is probably more corruption and infidelity, as would be the norm. The Senate and his boss, the Party Animal and Nochbürgermeister Wowereit (SPD) expressed not on the incidents and heaps of corruption charges, just as the CDU of Spandau, Kai Wegner, why?

Have learned the Berlin Whistler Blower, they only make it anonymous ads, otherwise do you do it with „bullying“ is ready. So that’s today in Germany, run victim or you’re due. Long ago, many citizens and insiders, as well as employees in the construction sector, Berlin has overcome a sense of powerlessness, which is to be understood if one lives here and works by mistake, because this is seen in the jungle do not like corruption, skeletons in the closet already.

And then surprised again and again politicians in this city, why do we have such a bad reputation in education. Do these politicians at all the reality in our capital city or country?

Let us recall also the LPP boss, has already served a move. Or the price of water, of which we have to live it all. (3) If that is not enough, the reading times the Maserati story of Harry, no, not gamblers, but Ehlert, the „inventor of the thick pants.“ (4)