BayernLB, Hypo Alpe Adria and the financial crisis in the eye of the Federal Intelligence Service

Posted on: 30. Juni 2010

Who has meant that the financial crisis had fallen from the sky as easy of you are wrong . Example is the purchase of the HGAA for 1.6 billion € in 2007 by BayernLB. The Austrian bank Hypo Alpe Adria Group , known in short as HGAA was , in insider circles as “ as stated in the Croatian report , when the Bank of the Croatian elite. In fact, it is therefore the Croatian National Bank have been , as it managed for the most part the – often criminals gained – money of the local oligarchs. “ ( 1 )

Super deal if you consider that by purchasing the „scandal „bank BayernLB … € 3.7 billion loss made ( has ), for which taxpayers must now pay the Bavarian „. ( 1 )

Stand against several managers -16 people on the list of the Munich prosecutor , BayernLB is therefore an investigation for embezzlement and bribery. A BND man named Ralf Bosse determined for some time, how long is not known exactly but is estimated at about 2005. He has also written this very interesting report , among other things 2007th.

„In one of these reports (2007 ) states , the then Resident BND had in Croatia , Ralf Boess , sought to strengthen strategic information about the activities of HGAA in Croatia. Boess interested in recent months for more information on the Hypo Alpe Adria and the attitude of Croatian politics , secret service and the prosecutor to the bench , „it says in the report.

This was the BND man in Croatia in close contact with key people who have formerly worked for intelligence on the ground. In one act , “ it is the 2005 after a bugging scandal detached head of Croatian counter-intelligence, Franjo Turek. Turek , who has an extensive network of informants in politics and economy , informed his German interlocutors therefore about business and investment partner of HGAA in Croatia „. ( 1 )

Merkel im FDJ Rausch

„In addition, he received through an intermediary in the bank details of offshore companies with which the Hypo Alpe Adria in tax havens like Liechtenstein, Switzerland, the British Virgin Islands , Cyprus , Ireland and Gibraltar operated . ( 1 ) As I said , tax havens , there are many on this earth, you just have to know where and the BND knows this , but we citizens never know anything about it, the managers of the banks well.

But obviously this is a question of „political culture „that are now clarified , because bank managers are allegedly not informed by the BND . „The question is whether this information has also reached the political decision makers in Bavaria, who pushed in 2007 to purchase the HGAA by its state bank. The BND , however, would not comment on the inquiry on the process. A spokesman said simply , the service teaching only the Federal Chancellery and the relevant parliamentary committees on specific educational goals. “ ( 1 )

„His findings thus notifying the BND to the federal government or its subordinate authorities . ( 1 ) However, this contradicts the statement of the main accused in the proceedings , the former head of BayernLB , Werner Schmidt , who speaks of “ massive political pressure that led to the purchase of the HGAA . ( 1 ) and who exerted the pressure , among other things , he says .

„So the then Bavarian Finance Minister Kurt Faltlhauser have pushed in March 2007 to purchase the HGAA . ( 1 ) Had a Faltlhauser insight into the BND documents? And if so, why he then pushed to the sale ? And Faltlhauser should have been set back by Stoiber under pressure.

Stoiber was turn sour, because allegedly failed the purchase of the “ Austrian ( s) Bawag Bank by BayernLB. And now, “ Bavarian Premier Edmund Stoiber threatened …. In July 2007 the Croatian National Bank open with a load of relations between Bavaria and Croatia, as they hesitated to purchase by the Hypo – BayernLB to agree . “ ( 1 ) Quite hard to light because Tobak what the public about the influence of politicians on decisions of banks is that then fall into bankruptcy . Why Stoiber wanted to necessarily buy the banks?

And when you consider that even in June and October 2006 …. Auditor of the BayernLB explicitly in internal reports on a number of high risk in the GAA referred “ and it was announced that „since 2007 … Money laundering investigation against the bank were „then are a simple hair to mountains“ .

And then talking politician of the CDU and CSU still rules in the international financial market. What are the rules they really mean that from about Stoiber ? Here but the fish stinks from the head is well known , we probably need other politicians who fail to fulfill finally rules that they demand so fond of others, of laws I will not even talk.

1 )


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