Schoenefeld Airport has its first corruption case

Posted on: 11. Juni 2010

It was only on 08/05/2010 and 05/09/2010 the airport had „Willy Brandt“ his site open to visitors. There were about 100 000 visitors, most Easterners, as it has traded around the old airport of East Germany. Among the 100 000 invited VIP guests even streamed 1500’s, mostly civil servants with special status and its own shuttle service.

The West Germans celebrated 200000-250 0000 men strong, the opening of the airport site to the public. A park is now built on the former air bridge in the „Cold War“. Such is the celebrations in the capital, they are still there, the two parts.

the company pipeline and plant king Wusterhausen RAKW ()“ contracts have manipulated. „According to the findings of the charge of corruption prosecutor Frank Winter is suspected that the pipeline company was preferred in the awarding of three contracts. (1:00)

According to the Airport Authority should not give the expansion of the airport, the „Ossi and Wessi usual corruption cases. That should also guarantee the name Willy Brandt. „The total investment is 2.54 billion euros. Basically, the bills would be considered very carefully, airport spokesman Ralf Kunkel said to the suspicion of corruption against the two companies. But we are not immune from criminal energy. „(1)

Compared with the morning post, „assured Verbandsvorsteher Albrecht“ that (would be reviewed each) contract several times. In addition, „by external observers of the independent review organization Transparency International,“ who gets what job, this is true but only for Europe contracted services, that is almost to foreigners, so that in Brandenburg in 2010. (2)

Proverbs and knock on a Sheriff making „is one thing, a meaningful check by the AGG another, and here it falls short comfortable with the association and Transparency Experts. Hence the two men, so the „Verbandsvorsteher Wolf-Peter Albrecht and CEO Wilfried RAKW Gromotka“ had an easy game, they just worked with inflated bills, the award was denied before. That must prove you have to try. (1:00)

Since ’11 May have been „the“ office and private quarters „of the two players searched and it is now waiting for the realization of the Chief Prosecutor of the Neuruppin-focus for corruption, Frank Winter. Insider smile as only mild, if the name is. More not permitted to say and write, then the in Brandenburg and in surrounding areas such as Berlin.

1) Http:// 5Barticle &%%% 5D = 225 358 & tx_rsmdailygen_pi1 5Baction% 5D = show & tx_rsmdailygen_pi1 5Bcontroller%% 5D = Articles cHash = 1fda49b2ee427a88918f4d9e82b49439



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