When, finally, the banana is crowned emperor of Germany?

Posted on: 7. Juni 2010

Or Berlin’s tax cuts and the Scheinschlossphilosophie.

Believe it or not, but if you know that make the capital alone for the years 2010 and 2011 around € 5.6 billion new debt „must (1), and a total debt of as much as 60 billion € Since 2009, there can only one be „black“ before the eyes. (2)

And then it hits already on bitter, when one reads that the city of Berlin a year away, some 500 million euros in taxes, and year after year. (3)

Once, in 1000 allegedly to lack of staff to be responsible for this misery, what must be doubted, for in the job pool there are officially 735 officials who have no job and swallow an enormous amount of money, plus 3372 staff and workers of the public service. (4)

Then you wonder already what’s going on in this city and this country, when hundreds of thousands of workers may be given, but officials had to not expect this, then one must ask themselves, with us is still the fundamental law?

So you could have been since 2004 or earlier train from the body pool staff for the operations of financial officials, because you have to pay eh people, and so badly to work them if you read that the current tax office employees are sometimes incapable of tax returns properly to edit. (5)

And when a former financial Senator as Mr. Sarazzin more about satellite dishes and foreign fruit seller took care, as to his job as a financial Senator, then you also know what are the causes. Red-Red in Berlin has produced a chaos, because we also had „black-yellow or black and green can“ muddle themselves. So whom can one choose to have?

And if we waste the tax still consider that an additional € 37 million in 2009 alone once more tax money were thrown through windows, then you’re already close to „revolutionary ideas„.

Criticizes the Court for years take care of years the waste of taxpayers‘ money, but our politicians are a damn about it. Just the Berlin schoolmaster received 400 000 euro too much income. (6)

Then even the popular city-owned enterprises, with coal to throw as they are sheikhs. „The water companies were growing at rates effective advertising polish up its image. Useless judged, the auditors. € 4.4 million sunk „. (6)

And finally then the climax, in view of these losses and liabilities, Berlin wants to build 552 million for a „Scheinschloss“ to pay the sum of 32 million, the city of Berlin, Merkel pushes times to just 440 million euros. Then ask yourself know nothing except that you have that has a single, old man named Wilhelm von Boddien the Stadtschlossbau for decades as his hobby-horse or hobby. (7)

An expensive hobby for a city is broke, but maybe someday a „Scheinschloss has. One could then arrange at least in the castle then year after year, a super „great“ party for all unnecessary city officials, because if you do not have to work you should at least celebrate a great party, on coal, it is then no longer.









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