The German railways in the fight against corruption

Posted on: 26. Mai 2010

A company sets the standard with his anti-corruption report

Who deals with the reporting and blogger posts about corruption in Germany, which is very fast notes several trends.

Personal widens corruption like the consumption. Cases so far were then times it leaked, it had millions and people go to the market could be public and behind which most of Switzerland then a clearing house could be active.

The cases Zumwinkel and Hellmut Trienekens here should serve as an example. (1) What is a clearing house said the lawyer, Dr. iur. Bruno Glaus from Switzerland in his article for the newspaper trade very clear and comprehensible. (2)

Known, it will be more and more established networks, then the funds paid to several persons or moved to other companies. (3) The offenders learn very quickly to this and the political and judicial look away more and are full of ignorance, as it can withstand a democracy. The trend for non-voters is just the striking proof.

Therefore, the Federal Republic would go long the way our neighbors and EU partners such as Austria or Sweden. In Scandinavia, major social problems like bullying or fighting corruption a long time ago with Ombudsman.

What is an ombudsman and why he can be so important. Therefore, a short and concise statement from the realm of free, German politicians, professors, lawyers and intelligence agents hate this „empire“ of the little people and user, why?

„In Sweden, an Ombudsman is one of Government or Parliament appointed independent trustee who would receive complaints from people against the Administration carries. In that regard, under the ombudsmen win Administrative ethics increasing relevance.

King Karl XII. of Sweden fled after the defeat against Russia in 1709 into the Ottoman Empire, where he was the system of Mohtasib met. After his return he led in 1718 the comparable system of the so-called Chancellor of Justice one. 1809 was that the Ombudsman set aside. (4)

But beyond that, we obviously have other arrangements and strengthening of the investigators in the fight against corruption, although the first attempts not to be regarded highly enough and need. (5)

But take the „anti-corruption report of the German railways from 2009, so here are already equal to more questions. Well, now we know, this report has been created at that time because of the alleged affair or Datenaffaire employee related data collection.

„Now since the end of January by the Corporate Audit repeatedly prompted mass balance of employee data with those of suppliers, and research contracts was known to other service providers, the Board made to the compliance section of the order, all operations in connection with corruption in the last decade in particular, and to check every detail „(6)

But if you read the report neutral times, he shows a glimpse into a company, in which former Stasi employees shelter, found how to aggressively fight corruption, without risk that the company’s reputation.

„About the case of a railway Upper Council, which claimed each contract awarded three percent of the contract for themselves.

The bribe transaction was handled by commission payments from the web to a specially formed engineering firm in which the Bahnoberrat was involved. The case ended with a prison sentence of four years and six months for the accused.

The case of a purchasing manager of the train, which was within five years, with 3.4 million dollars from suppliers can be lubricated, was discovered through internal investigations by the train and handed over to the judiciary. Among other things, he enriched himself through a silent participation in one of the companies involved in the case. He had wangled his bribe donors orders of more than 100 million marks. He was sentenced in 2001 to three years and eleven months in prison and in a later process, to a total of four years and three months and gave an acknowledgment of debt in the amount of 32 million marks. The verdict of the educational work of the Deutsche Bahn was praised by the court expressly „. (6)

Only about a remarkable way was hardly discussed in public and almost no medium of our press and television company, has reported about it.

It would now probably the time to discuss times, whether in the future „subsidies“ only pay more to companies that can justify an ombudsman – Mannesmann has introduced a way for the Korruptionsaffaire Ombudsman, Siemens, for example, we know nothing about it – with authority to issue directives and show them with their company reports and a „Report on the Fight against Corruption“ can.

But here is neither to our five spa parties looked to the Bundestag in the ability nor the President or the Federal Prosecutor has expressed it. This would provide just the local and corporate ombudsmen for clean companies, and a Administrative ethics.

But the federal government is long overdue in the creation of an ombudsman with authority and report template. Why? Campaign contributions and sales talk are „then also in the territory of the Ombudsman. And know, probably too many politicians and therefore form a five-party coalition of the „silencing“.




4) # Institution_in_Schweden


6) C3% A4mpfung_in_den_Jahren_1998-2007


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