The bully, chief Reiner Körfer Food from the Heart Center.

Posted on: 6. Mai 2010

How much may actually allow a physician who is responsible for the health of its employees?

It is difficult to understand how a doctor can admit openly to his bullying attacks. Thurs doctors really do not have a particular responsibility for the welfare of the people? Here are the events from food, the mountains to a make your hair stand.

By 2009 the world was in the Heart Center Essen, part of the Elisabeth Hospital, alright. Then came the new head doctor from Bad Oeynhausen, Reiner Körfer prolomäßig first time and laid off right.

Quotes by Reiner Körfer like this, „(d) states as’re here as in Africa, he said, or“ Here, patients are poisoned everyone Sun, „Körfer confirmed today. Although“ anesthesiologist at a laboratory process in which (it is about) € 50,000 for pain and suffering, „the chief physician shall continue to go full.

Obviously he knows that you can take out in Germany as a bully is an awful lot and you do not know what in 25 years of rule by Chief Physician Körfer in Bad Oeyenhausen all lacked Sun

In food at any rate, let the staff at the Heart Center is not just like everything, even if Körfer says, the must be so. Utterances such as „the quote from the African states which referred to poor hygiene,“ are in its way not suitable for a heart center.

Even if journalists want to take Körfer something right, it says „the paper *… One of the way in which its employees are sometimes bluster in Bad Oeynhausen grew up“ ().

For the first 12 years old Heart Center was praised in 2009 for his work. Now understand after a year Körfer regime many employees their work no more. „The managing director of Contilia GmbH, makers of the heart center in the hospital as Hilarion, the center still praised in May 2009 with the introduction Körfer.

Heinz D. Diste: At the site was available in previous years, a well-established cardiac surgery. In the NRZ Diste was then cited the Hilarion staff can count on to be more engaged. „(1)

Perhaps that is the crucial pointed out, the Körfer will probably get rid of some employees, as bullying and always helps with the labor courts and laws in Germany, or because they have doubts?

The staff from the Heart Center Essen receive meanwhile by competent assistance, „Dr. Thomas Asmuth, sports medicine and orthopedic surgeon in becoming, has Körfer back criticism. With his colleague Dr. Gerhard Quack he has operated on hundreds of patients attending doctor as Hilarion . Asmuth: We both come from the Krupp hospital and know the international standards. For our knee surgery the highest sterility is necessary. „(1)

And the hospital administration?

The now relies on the ongoing work process of the anesthesiologist and justified their silence. Körfer rumbles on the other hand, something is also known as „megalomania“, especially when people should have because of their training, „Culture and decency“ and must not believe it’s „gods in white“ or „Lord of life and death“.

At right we have in Austria, therefore pronounced a ban on bullying and adopted, unfortunately only in the public service. Why do we have for all EU countries, no single labor law and bullying ban?


* Westfalen-Blatt


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