Prime Minister Rüttgers, NRW, now the focus of prosecutorial investigations

Posted on: 5. Mai 2010

Whether it is Mr. Rüttgerss the „superficial Beating“ and „presidential candidate“ from the largest Western State or not, will tell the story. A story in the truest sense of the word not only has a historical dimension, but also a moral, and here is Mr. Rüttgers a „presidential and bipartisan Beating“ before the Lord, as there has been little else in this Republic.

Besides the already known sale of „conversations with him“ (2), Jürgen Rüttgers, master of the party and the country now appears in weeks to discuss and a flood of messages to Rüttgers penchant for secret societies and procurement of funds for its first choice in 2005.

Well, then had to „Bundestag President Norbert Lammert (CDU) .. (Confirm) that it because of new allegations of illegal party financing against the North Rhine-Westphalia CDU determined, „and is known to Rüttgers Chairman of that party.

A party, but kept trying even to pretend that they would be supported by independent voter initiatives and the head of this farce „Presidential candidate is“ just Rüttgers himself, who would like to present itself as a „partisan“ politician and father of his country. They feel now about compassion?

„In the state election fight in 2005, the NRW-CDU was charged by the Frankfurter communications agency team with creation of a supposedly independent of the party’s voter initiative called>> voters for a change <<and allegedly paid for 40 000 €. This initiative was to raise money for newspaper advertisements in favor of the former CDU-candidate Rüttgers. It was one of these initiatives, the Rüttgers love: With her he could present itself as a kind of bipartisan, presidential candidate. The logo of the CDU appeared to nowhere „(3)

That with the logo, I can understand that I would not stick to the toilet on the wall, sometimes to be honest.

Why the whole is so important, we understand it’s only when you look at the spiritual condition of this gentleman looked at more closely, the „secret talks“ are offered for 6000 €, but has the content of this discussion deals not so far expressed, so what we now call the most political democracy . For this inventor paid secret talks is well known, and no less than the „New Tsar“ of Russia, Alexander Putin.

But there are also the other campaigns of Rüttgers, such as the „Children instead of Indians“ (4), the „disparaging remarks about Romanians“ (5) or its „howler monkeys attack“ in a talk show to the candidate of the Left „Sarah Wagenknecht „show only one, the man is greedy for power, cost what it may.

And then just to fit these junk items Show, „presidential candidate“ in 2005 and the outstanding „company car sales show of Jürgen the“ Beating „. (6) the whole thing sounds like now to turn to a modern, Rhein-Ruhr version of the classic „Captain of Köpenick“. Only this time it is about the famous € – 1 € job, a car and € 1 € Party, just not the secret talks, otherwise it would Rüttgers Klebblatterfinder in the one-euro-paradise – and just so-popular cars. Ms von der Leyen is there so one expert, public or not.

Time to be honest, who actually still goes to elections where one between „a foam bat and a woman – you know all the names of the SPD’s leading candidate“? – Can choose who fights against the targeted office, as the Pumuckel of the water? To „moral and spiritual resources“ (1) can it be so now certainly do not act, even more to the rüttgersche disruption of a political mandate, but Unfortunately, even with consequences for us all. After all, who takes such „Democrats“ really still serious about it `?



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