A bribe agreement with BASF is busted.

Posted on: 3. Mai 2010

Corruption is organized better and better. Long since corruption is well organized in Germany, in ever new niches offend the perpetrators and there are often silent 100.te of employees in the companies know this, however.

Whether it is called as the sales tax cartel cartel of Deutsche Bank (1) or the coffee roasters (2) and now with BASF network, it’s all about bribes or corruption as a generic term.

At BASF in Ludwigshafen, the „black sites in Brandenburg and heath in Antwerp, Belgium“ on „other employees were terminated with a network engineer for the purpose of corruption has made.“ (3)

The evidence indicates that the engineer, and four other staff member to bribe 2000-2009 contracts to bribe in the amount of one million euros to a Hessian companies have contracted with 500 employees. Even against the head of the company and employees is determined.

Alone in 2009, the company has received in Singapore Sun orders worth 27 million euros. „BASF has terminated without notice in the interim, all contracts with the company and Hessian will examine all contracts of the last few years.“ (3) A logical step because the BASF will often take the company nothing.

It will be interesting if the prosecutor does his charge, how great the damage was total. One thing we know already and this is true not only for BASF, corruption is now almost always held in the cartel, or network, there are many involved and very many people know this and are silent.

Silence probably out of fear, for he who turns away with corruption cases to the authorities or public, can ever find a new job and a good treatment center for victims of bullying.

And our politicians? What are they doing against the organized form of corruption by all the „gangs“? You look away, they play down or they just sit and hope that the public is distracted by other issues.

Why are we in Germany still no Ombudsman against corruption with action and control power to investigators about how prosecutors? A question to which they get no answer, why?


2) ef% bf% bdter scent-trade-restrictive practices of manufacturers /



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