VAT carousel of Deutsche Bank is cheating the tax by 180 million €

Posted on: 29. April 2010

Today there was one of the largest raids in Germany. About 1,000 federal tax investigators and detectives were in use from 08:00 clock. Target the headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt and another 50 companies and firms had formed the so-called VAT carousel well.

In concrete terms, the emission rights, they have been bought abroad, the payment of VAT has forgotten you, then the rights were sold by a company to the next until the last link in the chain, the emission rights sold abroad again.

Then stop shop for the active company or the company the VAT, the tax reclaim. This is so common for goods and other titles when they go abroad. But that is of a cartel the Treasury gambles money from his pocket, which is tax fraud, unfortunately, a weasel word with us.

The Chief Public Prosecutor General in Frankfurt must say that so about € 180 million in taxes were too much worn. The search erstrecht to over 250 objects. They allow you to see how many managers and administrators were aware of and has not reported it on.

We can look forward to the outcome of the criminal investigation. Probably the case is, as always, stand for one day in the press and then to solve the problem of the „Swiss clearing house“. (2) It has always been and it will probably be this time.

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