The tax office is examining the „life of luxury“ by Maserati Harry

Posted on: 28. April 2010

The tax office is examining the „life of luxury“ by Maserati Harry, who said, MMIT donations can live better and it is therefore time to fully arrived.

These success stories like the Maserati of Harry crop up more often. Cleverly, fished in the gray area of the generous donors of the German mentality, the lack of anti-corruption legislation and the „Swiss Käslochmodells Income Tax Legislation“ in the niche „social and Profit,“ what the „fat pants“ holds just as with their big pockets.

The perpetrators then always feel like the victims, the donor will feel like the „sheep to the slaughter“ and the real victims who wanted to help so you are, then, usually on the edge of the „nothing“ or the famous „rain“.

Maserati Harry was just one, one of the „automatic speed control“ has come into the spotlight, otherwise he would never have been discovered working as best we control by the tax, administration (in this very Senate Social Administration) and cooperate Diakonia, jobs which would have if, indeed even if the constitution would be in our reality.

According to Article 35, paragraph 1, make „all the authorities of federal and state laws, regulations and administrative assistance to each other“, but where it is already a reality?

Harry Ehlert was struck not only by his preference for dealing with donations and the profit „of the spent grain assistance and for his passionate taste for fast company car brand Maserati. (1)

Remember, everything has started with an accident and the slope of Harry Ehlert to fast car trips. (2) The problem was that he used two cars of homelessness for young people in Berlin and found a bit too much but many of the thick pants. Now, even a BMW SUV has emerged as a company, what the charge of the thick trousers by Harry stresses probably accurate.

But on closer inspection, it turned out, Harry also has a loose handling of donations and items that belonged to the grains help. Ehlert is suspected of infidelity in the handling of donations. (3)

And now, since this is now the tax on a visit to the spent grains help it „checks from (to 26.04.10) revenue and expenditure of the grains help.
The Secretary of the Senate Social Administration, Rainer-Maria Fritsch, believes that the fallen into the organization’s charitable criticism is removed. A different result would surprise him, Fritsch said on Monday the wave rbb Radio Berlin.

That was then probably for the grains help, although the 150 employees are advocating for a new corporate structure for weeks, maybe the diaconate Berlin takes over the club altogether. The projects of the grains had the help so for decades a very good reputation.

For Harry Ehlert other hand, it looks bad, in addition to the fast cars he complains that the prosecutor infidelity. In addition to the Maserati and BMW, Harry had indulged myself in a high salary as managing director. And in Caputh, the location of the recovered Albert Einstein in his Berlin days and had a weekend home, has also Harry indulged in a costly „depositors apartment in the complex modernized, multi-million official residence of the grains help,“ fits precisely to his lifestyle, but not to grains and their social assistance entitlement (4).

But where does already together in our lifestyle, morality and social demand. Do you know of an area?




4) 21content%%% 21rbb 21rbb 21nachrichten%%% 212010_04% 21politik 21Treber.html


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