The ex-CEO of Flensburg bank embezzlement in court.

Posted on: 28. April 2010

The ex-CEO of Flensburg Savings Bank is soon to trial, then sits beside him, another employee. It’s about „infidelity, corruption and complicity in breach of the Banking Law.“ (1)

What it was actually, well, as is customary in our time, is real estate. What are the big ones can, then thought of „real estate merchant Hermann Densch“, I can too. To buy land, you must be creditworthy, and that was Densch not, he was insolvent, so to speak.

No problem, because real estate businessman knew the CEO of the Savings Bank and President of the Handball-Bundesliga SG Flensburg-Handewitt, Frerich Eilts.

And then his Special Hermann concerned land below market value, but this was very detrimental to the savings bank. Furthermore Special Frerich and another bank employee has concerned loans that Hermann has then served with interest premiums „to the real estate customers.

Super Case, and Herman knew what Frerich at heart, the handball and the SG Flensburg-Handewitt. So Special Densch has a five-digit sum twice let the „SG Flensburg play“ and therefore we say probably, has the „geflenst“ (1).

In particular, Hermann 2009 has been met because of the same complaint to the prosecutor. Densch had a significant financial penalty for failure to pay the banking provisions, but known to be „the cat that does not pinch his“ play, as long as many heads of banks and cheese have in the vault and you know the boss from the vault.



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