Once again, corruption allegations against the Ferrostaal AG.

Posted on: 27. April 2010

Bribes a German export success?

Without any arms deal bribe?

Mrs. Merkel and her partner Guido Westerwelle, yes, the story of the Bravo to Johnny Depp, Suzi Quatro and that kisses do not lead to pregnancy (like), so our only clue to their success stories of the export front. But it is shocking when you know that Germany is the number three arms exporter in the world, which really is not a crime.

But if you look alone to the suspicions against Ferrostaal, you have the feeling anywhere, this place 3 has been reached only with bribes. Although the public mind with the interview of our Foreign Minister, „never before in the past 54 years, a German politician has given the magazine an interview“ * we do have a corruption problem of vast scale in Germany.

Certainly Mr. Westerwelle is not exactly the ideal politician for a clean vest, even though he was in his youth, victims of bullying, „of the current Bravo admits Guido Westerwelle (FDP. …. who mobbed him in school because of his homosexuality“ (*). But to fight a clean Exp Who said anything today, „No, thanks“? offer just the FDP must ortwirtschaft more than lip service.

Ferrostaal AG is a German service industry, the term services as well the ticket to ride on corruption and bribery has seen. There appear again on new charges against the steel company was founded in 1920 in Holland, that from its headquarters in Essen in 1926 and then built up and until today there home is.

So deep swamp of corruption in the country.

In the decades the company has gone through several phases of the change in equity investments and areas of operation in the meantime, we offer a service and include contacts in the world, even with the background, secure transactions by bribes.

„The Ferrostaal AG is a German industrial services company with headquarters in Food. Ferrostaal is a Subsidiary the International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) from Abu Dhabi with the Munich MAN SE as a minority shareholder (30%). In 2007 the company achieved a turnover of 1.4 billion euros[1] and employed around 4,200 people at over 60 locations. (1)

Ferrostaal was the first suspected their own business and power plants and submarines per have generated bribes to (2), are now more and more allegations come to light.

So far, the prosecutor in Munich was probably the assumption „that systematically Ferrostaal paid bribes over the years – such as in projects in Egypt, Portugal, Colombia, Argentina and Indonesia. The dubious payments should have been handled by so-called „sham consulting agreements. Since this part is for military projects, often with political authorities have been in the game. “ (3)

No Thankse, is a virtue un 2010

„For that they should have organized according to the prosecutor’s files on Ferrostaal de Colombia bribes to decision makers at Marine and Ministry, 625000-840000 euro“. (4)

„In the files of the investigators stated that a Portuguese Honorary Consul in the initiation of the U-boat business was to help. The diplomat had part-time job in the summer of 2002, even a direct conversation between a Ferrostaal board and the former Portuguese Prime Minister José Manuel Barroso taught. Overall, the Honorary Consul for its „targeted assistance“ ultimately good 1.6 million euros was collected. (4) and it goes without saying that they were 1.6 million tax-free, or what they thought with their Papplohnsteuerkarte Made in Germany?

Now, however, are also recent evidence that Ferrostaal has his „lubricated contacts“ is offered up to political authorities and other companies and therefore has made corruption adviser to the content of transactions.

„The suspicion of corruption against the Ferrostaal Group is reportedly larger than previously known. … Ferrostaal is () … have organized probably for other companies to pay bribes. The suspect let the case of money printer Giesecke & Devrient. The Munich prosecutor had Ferrostaal searched last Wednesday (24.03.10) „. (4)

Thus, the case „Ferrostaal,“ a new dimension in the German swamp of corruption highlighted, namely that a company should have made another bribe by the sale of their products. Corruption as a quasi-consultant activity that is new and so far shows the extent to which corruption ruled today in Germany, the economy and controlled. (5)

The policy is silent as ever on the allegations and considers it not necessary to adopt a clear anti-corruption law, nor an SEC set up the American model. Obviously we see otherwise, the political success story of the „export champion Germany“ in danger, even if the suspect is more and more reinforced that we both „corruption-as well as export world champion“ are offering bribes and shops all over the world as a service performance.

Motto: Those who are not stupid smears and sinks.





4), 195253.php, 1518,685942,00. html



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