Easter holiday and BVG-chief Andreas Sturmowski (56) under suspicion of infidelity

Posted on: 31. März 2010

Berlin exchange savings or one hand washes ......

The condition of the subway and the buses certainly shows the dramatic situation in the company BVG, which is now 65 million euros of additional losses exhibits.

As has probably thought the boss in the store, 2.8 million is not there on and the opportunity was favorable, the big move from West to East Berlin was in order.

„It’s about the suspicion of trust in connection with the relocation of the BVG-Headquarter by Kleist Park (Schöneberg) in the Triassic Towers (Friedrichshain). (1)

The move should save 2.73 million euros, but has reportedly only 430 000 is placed and has noticed the Landesrechnungshof and Just Checking. We see there, now suddenly missing a total of 2.8 million, so the 430 000 and gone. Print journalists never ask because after so accurate, even today, only peanuts, if the cost of the financial crisis is over.

The BVG-chief Andreas Sturmowski (56) his job in any case is ever going to 31.10.2010, which at an annual salary of 398 000 is not likely to hurt and he needs to prove only times the whereabouts of 2.8 million.

„It has long been unhappy with the Senate Chairman of the Board state-owned transport company. Finance Senator Ulrich Nussbaum (52, party affiliation) phasing out of his contract. “ (1) How could Sturmowski ever get into the position? A question that could respond to his former boss Thilo Sarrazin, who now certainly get an Ostergrußkarte of LPP boss, I guess. Address by Thilo Sarrazin is now so well known, Bundesbank Frankfurt am Main.

Chief Sturmowski went on holiday and now first time it was the prosecutor in the offices of the LPP headquarters and has secured 100 files.

It will be interesting what comes of the investigation and where now the 2.8 million bucks are still there, hopefully not on any of these famous accounts in Switzerland or in the new Dodge countries such as Turkey or Bulgaria.

Offenders are very creative when it comes to their coal in their job, however, they are often riveting. The LOB yes boss leaves only 65 million additional debt, in the mountain, the Berlin has only peanuts or what or how?



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