Testimony for the friendship process of arms lobbyist Schreiber (CSU)

Posted on: 23. Februar 2010


A little sign of peace

Those who believed in the policy went there to morality and dignity, who simply understood nothing. No, politics is about friends and friendships, and also because we are Germans, the chief ideologist number one.

Even the legendary Sepp Herberger, coach of Fußballweltmeisterelf of 1954 and virtually the founder knew of the friendship ideology, eleven shall be their friends and the reinterpreted politically – reinterpreted please take literally – means `s friends for life, you shall be.

And to understand this, it must accompany the process again only by our chief arms dealer Karlheinz Schreiber, a member of the CSU. Because no one knew at the exchange transaction as well as he. (2)

Nobody dominated the business with weapons, money and „sponsorships“ – To the notion you have to since the fall Rüttgers. / .Wüst in NRW erstmal used – as well as the arms dealer and lobbyist-scribe.

In his evasion process now come the first witnesses and beneficiaries of money to speak. Thus, the „former CSU politician and Defense Secretary Ludwig-Holger Pfahls “ place for the writer, „3.8 million marks to a Swiss bank account has. 3.8 million German Marks, according to pile it should be only thin „three million have been,“ said his political memory, and that’s when politicians very low.

The coal was the reward for „defense deals, including in the United States,“ our „Big Brother“ so to speak. And „it was no bribe but was“ so pile on, his „influence on the projects described (ren) to be low. (1)

Times to be honest, if you got little influence 3 million DM for what you get then for more power? And what you get then for no effect? Certainly in the latter case, the famous „A“ card and the citizens we deserve in this country even if you elect such politicians to power.

And who paid writer, he never had much to say, the receiver always knew why it is, so a German phenomenon of the „hand-in-hand shops. „The former Thyssen manager Winfried Haastert said he had received from 1988 to 1993 nearly two million marks. These were not subject to return. Let Gifts among friends been handed over in cash and no big words. Although it is assumed that the writer so that cooperation is Projects in Saudi Arabia and Canada I want to continue. Said he has never. “

Gifts among friends, and writers had many friends, so long as he had distributed money and gifts, sometimes for weapons transactions with the U.S., then the „evil Muslims“ in Saudi Arabia, or the neighbor of Big Brother, the Canadians.

Moreover, it was mentioned only in passing here that the Thyssen-manager Winfried Haastert been in the tradition of the caste of German managers have condemned „for dishonesty and evasion to one year and eight months“.

And besides, it is known that the writer has not only given, but he got some good deals practically from hand to hand shops or one hand washes the other.

Judge Weigell stopped before Haastert, Schreiber Commissions for brokering have pledged millions of dollars to. This was clear from documents with his signature. “

As the Thyssen-manager Winfried Haastert testified in the process, not for consideration but that is just as gifts and return gifts among friends. And then say, friends for life or else you shall be reported to you before time when Hartz IV-Club. So bad was the idea of not Möwenpickmanagers than the FDP had a friend come to donate, if you set the time in the context of the Friendship Club for writers.




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