Prime Minister Rüttgers (CDU) and his venal secret talks

Posted on: 23. Februar 2010

Rüttgers life

Our country has been for 2 or 3 decades, something on the way into an aberration, is confirmed by the almost daily incidents of corrupt or greedy behavior. The case Ruettgers / Wüst from NRW is there only one more point on the path of truth, the evidence afforded by the perpetrators themselves almost daily and the press gives us these incidents of „white collar crime“ free house.

Who thought it would always look only to the clumsy attempts to bribe a la Russian or Italian Mafia: liking for cash bar, which must be not of this world. But in Germany was and is corruption for the „World Cup expanded discipline“ from which even the worst types and daring figures in the corruption scene, not even to dream and dare. Our politicians already, the dream had long since ceased, but the development of marketing strategies in a variety, from which not even dare to dream of the „notorious devil“.

But one must also be honest, politicians such as Mr Ruettgers or Westerwelle there can only act where it makes to be elected. And choose to choose to do such politicians among us just the citizens. Citizens, it often failed to ask, what have these gentlemen for the stains on her white vest and where they come from?

For many of our politicians is in the white waistcoat, the white barely visible, and if they are caught here, they beat wildly. The self-appointed labor leaders Ruettgers and CDU – Hardliner there is only the tip of the iceberg, Mr. Westerwelle another.

His behavior, equivalent of Prime Minister Ruettgers, that of a man who strikes fear and incompetence in dealing with problems, possible loss of power through elections and political everyday tasks such wildly.

Whether it is in talk shows (1), or the Rumänenschelte (2), as well as the consideration strangled Chinese, so that the Duisburg find beautiful (3), Ruettgers is behaving like a wounded animal and less like a politician who knows how to govern and has the necessary on the quality, manage an office with dignity.

Ruettgers therefore be seen in many a racist and a whip of the worst kind of demagoguery and, indeed, many see him as a German preacher of hate (4).

But now Ruettgers is suspected of having offered himself as a „secret conversation partners“ to entrepreneurs for 6000 euros. „North Rhine-Westphalia state premier Juergen Ruettgers (CDU) is accused of venality.“ (5)

Its Secretary-General Hendrik Wüst (CDU) has at least once neatly written promotional letters. „To a report in the magazine Der Spiegel According to the national CDU had businesses in promotional mailings not only exhibition space offered to the state convention in mid-March, but also confidential discussions with the Members of the Land “ therefore with Ruettgers. (6) In plain language this means that for secret talks with Ruettgers you should pull the trigger almost 6000 euros, the whole thing should be running under the title sponsorship, as poster displays were also on the program „Wust. (6)

Angela needs Money

Rüttger struck back in the old tried and tested manner. „At the weekend reports had caused a stir that the CDU appointments with Rüttgers sell to sponsors. This spoke of absurd and totally inaccurate Insinuations. Ruettgers but admitted that there were mailings of his country-CDU to sponsors, which could be understood. “ What is absurd and completely untrue, „he said of course not. That has now been sacrificed to the farmer, that is, „the letter said because of the advertising scandal under strained the North Rhine-Westphalia CDU Secretary-General Hendrik Wüst his resignation on Monday. (7)

The crucial factor is that Wust admits what Ruettgers shown to be absurd and totally unfounded allegations ever before. „He „- Wust -“ took responsibility for a letter, which offered to sponsor meetings with Ruettgers for money „. (8) And that means in plain language, it was as an entrepreneur Ruettgers, a Prime Minister to buy. For about football and Olympic should not be discussed in these conversations is certainly venal, even more than that which has passed the days Möwenpickregierung Westerwelle / Merkel, with half the value added tax rate for hours in their hotel business law before speeding over 100.

Your ticket, please. 😉

That one still say that we Germans are not up to globalization, because how many of these sponsoring activities, the CDU has been carried out, one can only speculate. The truth is politicians like Ruettgers as foreign as the „Holy Mass“ to the devil, or should be, given these facts, but rather access to the bottle, as the Bishop Käßmann, which was stopped by police drunk driving? (9)



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