Illegal price fixing in the German health insurance.

Posted on: 22. Februar 2010

Illegal price fixing

In any system, the policy tries unsuccessfully to operate as much as on health care. Apparently the parties, these are the health insurance companies, doctors and their professional organizations, and the power of the pharmaceutical industry.

It is true in the last 20 to 30 years, the cost increases for health care. Once root cause is the excessive greed of the pharmaceutical industry, offering the always on expensive products to doctors. Only then one must ask why the health minister mobbing Rösler, (FDP), the Institute’s director, Peter Sawicki. Just Sawicki has revealed these illegal practices of the pharmaceutical industry. Everyone was satisfied with his work, came up Rösler. (1)

And it is not questioned, just the health insurance companies know the true extent of the costs because of bullying, why so many mental illnesses in recent years to put together.

Health insurance companies have now pulled the ripcord and demand in addition to the legal, health insurance contributions deducted directly from wages for 2010 an additional contribution that is received by the insured person by direct debit from his account be debited. On average, most health insurance companies for a contribution of 8 per month decided.

It is unclear how this amount is reached and not approve the Health Ministry must lack the control of the elected representatives of the citizens.

Where it has once the question of why we need a Ministry of Health and Mr. Roesler, whose medical training, the public cost 420 000 euro and he as a politician and not even exercising this activity.

And the Cartel Office has asked that too, why so many health insurance companies charge the same contribution and is now determined „against a number of statutory health insurance companies because of their suspected unlawful price fixing. The Authority had initiated formal proceedings against nine health insurance companies. (2)

„The competition watchdog to see the newspaper report concluded that sufficient evidence for the suspicion of collusion. They would therefore sends information decisions in order to obtain further information from the cash. “ (2)

The Cartel is one of the last institutions to identify, whenever suspicions are confirmed, and the evidence is sufficient. Almost all investigations lead to success. Here are the differences between the guardians of the market and the fair price of the dubious prosecution, where you never know what they are doing so at all.

And you should ask yourself slowly, whether it makes sense to send work to a hospital for Möwenpickgesundheitsminister Roesler, to dissolve the Department of Health and transferred control of prices for drugs and monitoring of the health insurance the FCO.




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