Ex-Siemens Executive Ganswindt be in court

Posted on: 22. Februar 2010

Junto de Mexico

The Siemens bribery scandal has shown us is that the investigation of corruption scandals in Germany like clarified by the famous „unity“ so that no further prosecution by the law enforcement agencies with a subsequent process. The principle, one hand washes the other and for the perpetrators that is, more so, the petty cash controls the rest

Although it is in the case of Siemens, it was fraud in the amount of 2.5 billion euros, the exact amount is still not known, and shows the tendency of German managers to the truth. But even the German game of corruption, one hand washes the other ex-Siemens Executive Ganswindt was too much. He wants to pay nothing, while „nine other ex-manager for the former CEOs Heinrich von Pierer and Klaus Kleinfeld and Siemens had agreed to“ pull the trigger now out of their petty cash „between a half and five million euros for the damage to the bribery affair,“ or have pulled the trigger. (1)

Well „has brought the Munich public prosecutor’s indictment against the former board member Thomas Ganswindt. The case now lies with the court. This needs to decide whether and when the process is included. (1)

It would be interesting to see how the court determined the amount of damage for a board member and what punishment he gets.

But the lawyer Ganswindt has already opened the back door and announced, „after his client was still interested in a settlement.“ (1)

As I said, and now returns to the old German corruption, rule of thumb, one hand washes the other.

Even the summary of the Siemens bribery scandal that has caused damage of over 2.5 billion, is as always, great you can walk, the kids depend on you. Let’s look forward to the next case as in the German drama „Junto de Mexico“ and at Bilfinger the next corruption scandal rolled through German lands.

But even here we will again be agreed quickly, or what you believe?



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