Bring the homeless to help Chef Marc luxury and wealth?

Posted on: 21. Februar 2010


From an apparent „traffic offense“ in the Landkreis Müritz, MacPomm * was in June, a luxury car brand Masarati flashed.

Well it turned out that the racer is one with a sophisticated design with the chief of the Berlin grains Help * Harald Ehlert, or rather, been admitted to the club for young homeless people with two valet is. (1)

Youth is defined as grains that are usually run away from home and have no job and apartment, then, are Obdachlaos. (2)

And now the question arises, is a Masarati an appropriate official car for a relief association for young homeless people. „The discussion about the Maserati drivers and managing director of Berlin’s charity grains help, Harald Ehlert, continues. Now the Berlin Diakonia has described it as ethically reprehensible, driving a Maserati as a service car. (3)

The managing director of Marc Berlin, however, says no help, the car is fit and capable as the official car, and blame for everything that I suppose the radar trap. „A noble floor, which makes the grains using Berlin as a company car: it costs $ 114,320 Maserati Quattroporte, under its hood is a 4.2-liter V8 engine with 400 horsepower is booming. Struck by the luxurious company cars could probably anybody, because if someone had raced into a radar trap „(4).

Poverty in Germany

Mr. Ehlert said, however, that his Maserati has just cost so only between 70 000 and 90 000 euros in 2007, he knows it so well at such a bargain price, of course not, and thus was the streaker as Dientswagen fully justified and appropriate. .

The grains Help is a member of the Diakonia and has just the Maserati is a problem. „Mr. Ehlert thinks he needs the car, we see things differently,“ said the spokeswoman. According to information in the grains using the worst threat of exclusion from the diaconal work. Direct financial impact would this not true, the grains may help but no longer benefit from the contacts of Diakonia.

Diakonia Ehlert could not succeed, however, since it did not affect the internal structure of grains help. According to the Managing Director Marc assistance consists of a club and a nonprofit GmbH, is personally involved in the Ehlert. The grains help is spendenfinanziert partly because of their charitable status and enjoy tax breaks. (3)

And when they finally buy a car that meets the standard of a manager of a charitable association. Just as a company car, of course, and at a bargain price please, privately, they should resort to another car. How about about a Ferarri in Schumirot? They have no money? Then they simply make time to ensure that they obtain charitable status and tax breaks and off goes the race. See you in Switzerland on irgendweiner Bank and so on.





* MacPomm stands for Mecklenburg Vorpommern


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