New in the case of „children in need“ or „game over“.

Posted on: 10. Februar 2010

Drawing of the donations

The outcome of the investigation and the verdict in the case of misappropriation of donor funds in the amount of 5 million euros for the two friendly societies „Children in Need“ and „German society, animals and nature „was reported in the press. (1)

Now been replaced by „Blindman ’named new facts and information, so I will take up the case again, because he makes clear to us something is wrong in the judiciary.

„The real scandal, that is, as in the case of DTHW cheerfully ripped off on. Finally Heidrun has yet p. a brother (Ernest K.) Chairman of the already in the club „German society, animals and nature„Is. He will probably also for „children in need“ so that everything will be fine remains in the family. Incredibly soft has failed even though the fine Criminal history from the years before 2002 in the same matter have been fulfilled. Once the money sources are likely to continue bubbling merrily, safe and still with the active help from Switzerland and Liechtenstein, will now freshly convicted site is available in Paraguay, Gran Canaria or recovering in Switzerland from the strains of „process“. In these countries, the family has Appropriate Feriendomizile and certainly one or two well-filled account. Game over! „(1)

Which again shows how to us a chain of corruption and abuse may develop under the eyes of the public and judiciary. Hard to believe that the perpetrators could be increased, despite a criminal record in the same area as the offense before the rooster and hen, under the „sun of the rich,“ one may laugh in his sleeve, and the stupid people who are still donations.

Another source on the case calls us „Blindman“ (2), and otherwise the front slogan citizens! Snout to keep paying taxes and donations from the pot then to the „solar village“, because in Switzerland also investing Germans need donations, because life in Switzerland will cost something too.


Drawing of the donations


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