Mother and two sons of plunder auxiliary accounts for poor children.

Posted on: 4. Februar 2010

The Germans are famous for, that they give you. Whether in Haiti, for poor children and helpless animals just for the environment, so is suitable for auxiliary accounts for charitable purposes, to make loose with the citizens money.

These are the two (currently located in Munich in court accused, mother and son, a son has already been convicted) taken advantage. They have simply transferred money from the accounts of friendly societies for their luxurious lifestyle, in which she paid the bills equally so.

„More than 760 postings were allegedly illegally carried out by the club accounts. Purpose: rent, mobile toilets, garbage disposal. Renovations, door to door, telephone. Even the rent for a Papageienhof aerial health, lived at his son Steffen, was financed through the association’s account. EUR 110000 in three years went into the yard with 25Papageien. Everything was put into the clubs account: Candles for $ 25.80, glass balls for 138 euros or 83.85 euros for the sheets. „(1)

And her life was not exactly cheap cost. „Finance Rolls-Royce, Bentley, expensive travel, a secondary residence in Switzerland – to this lavish lifestyle, attacked Heidrun Sch. (72) and her son, Carsten (39) into the coffers of the clubs donations Children in Need and German Society Animals and Nature „. (1)

The damage amounts to a total of 5.3 million euros, while they could be prosecuted only for the millions in the years 2002 to 2004, before the time has already expired. Turning point seems to have been the mother, who was for many years chairman of the Association of „Children in Need“.

And she was good as chairman, has also recognized the same in Switzerland as a good compleied for German money. „For the advertising had Heidrun Sch. two companies in Switzerland established: Atlantis Headquartered in St. Gallen and Ribana in Liechtenstein. About 45 percent of the donations went to Switzerland. „(1)

The judgments are of the German justice to pay for two years on probation for the help in the investigation and the mother needs to 132,600 euros and 35,200 euros fine son flaccid and penance. The embezzled millions are gone forever and the children in need are also likely to have his death. What remains is the face of such hopelessness, greed and judgments that no one understands.



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