The guttenbergsche Korruptionstheorem and the German tax evaders.

Posted on: 3. Februar 2010

My corruption is

The nobility had always been more interested in the stupidity of men, raised as a standard of morality. For exploitation and crime can only flourish where there is no values and morals.

Now the Möwenpickregierung Merkel had to under pressure from the public and many parliamentarians from the SPD and the Greens chose to do and buy the CD with the 1500 names of tax evaders, corrupt and anti-social. (1) As one of the key witness similar approach gets around 100 to 200 million in taxes, which are 2.5 million purchase price of about 2.5 to 1.25%. What can you go wrong?

And even if Schäuble had to agree with a heavy heart that transaction left him because of the „case Zumwinkel“ no other choice in order not to give all to ridicule.

Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble has released the controversial purchase of stolen tax data from Switzerland. `Is like` In principle, the decision said the CDU politician Augsburger Allgemeine. It now follows Schauble Chancellor Merkel, has already placed the day before the purchase of the data in view.

The case was legally stored, like the affair of Liechtenstein Foundation accounts two years ago, he reiterated his position from the previous day. We therefore could not decide otherwise `. (1)

Why Schauble is also clear about laments, after all he’s known as the „suitcase man“ of the illegal donations his party. Schauble also comes from the perpetrators stock and can therefore understand the anti-social activities of these corrupt people.

But this is no end to the undignified discussion about the evasion of tax dollars via Switzerland, but in the Union and the FDP is about the fear that it could turn even more bank employees in Switzerland to the Federal Republic of tax evaders to the authorities.

And then it’s only a matter of time, if any non-party or union members in these. That is why we continue in the Union is now trying to prevent the deal.

And if we look at the arguments of the opponents of Enlightenment by Steuerhinterziehungsspezialsten, then one wonders if there are not lobbyists and other climbers at work.

– „The Chairman of the Legal Committee in the Bundestag, Siegfried Kauder (CDU), for legal reasons, also warns against a purchase of the data as the President of the CDU Business Council, Kurt Lauk.“ (2)

– „The chairman of the CDU / CSU SME association, Josef Schlarmann, told the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger: The end does not justify the means. There is considerable evidence that the stolen property is. If there are legal doubts, the federal government has their hands off of it. „(2)

Then the whole crown witness system in Germany is basically a scandal, because there are murderers and terrorists are allowed to buy himself by statements of their accomplices, the benevolence of the state. Why in the tax evaders in Switzerland, now it is a cry that is only with the fear of Strippenzieher explain the detection of their clients in the „seen sitting jail. (2)

Even on weekends, the Baron of all classes and veteran of the „blue-blooded nobility has“ left the following wisdom from him. „Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg said in Davos, Switzerland Neue Zurcher Zeitung am SonntagThat he had a problem with it when something that has come under legally questionable ways in someone’s possession, spend money „(3).

Hold out the same count or baron who exacts as Secretary of Defense over 5000 young soldiers, their „ass“ as a „front-pigs“ in the Hindu Kush against Taliban and corruption in their country wants to protect the perpetrators of antisocial misappropriation of taxpayers‘ money.

Anyone who lives recklessly by young people `s game is set to build an Afghanistan free from corruption, does not want’s to spend a few miserable cents to uncover corruption in their country, without even a man bent one hair is?

The guttenbergsche Korruptionstheorem: no corruption in Afghanistan, even in Germany, must have for any Taliban grist to his mill, when he claims that only want to occupy our land and we clothe them with a democracy of tax evaders. Such a frenzy may have only one person from the stack, which has the blue blood of the arrogance and greed in his veins.

1), tt3m1/politik/763/502002/text /




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