Parliament President Regina van Dinther (CDU) wins 5000 euro per hour

Posted on: 3. Februar 2010

The only get 14.50 euros an hour, the idiot.

The mere fact that a State Parliament President had a side job, is already doubtful. When working properly such an important person in a parliament times, especially when it is as parliament president or president-parliamentary role model for others?

Mrs Regina van Dinther (CDU) party-we now know from a letter that she is even too cheap to pay their membership fee. Since the CDU has a lot of donations from the industry, appear to the membership probably only crumbs from the banquet „democracy to be“ that no one is checking, as well as we would have achieved if the basic arithmetic Pisa level.

>> Meanwhile, new allegations against known van Dinther. According to the „we“ is „the CDU politician, for twelve years have not paid membership fees to their party. Your Kreisverband announced: „The CDU has Ennepe-Ruhr no financial claims against Regina van Dinther.“ <<(1)

But Mrs. van Dinther would like three other MPs from the Ruhr Zechensterben also abhaben something. As such, they were part-time in the so-called RAG-RAC in the chair. (1) And it paid off.

Once this „advisory board per year, only two or three times each meets two hours,“ that is my dream job, so to speak, and for Mrs. van Dinther has collected more then 30 000. Per hour, they had such an hourly rate of as many as 5 000 – 7500 euros. It wants to mean something, right?

And now we can also understand that politics and worth a mandate in parliament, because the politician is called the coal without end, and a lot of power or work. And who dreams of times now not?



5 Antworten to "Parliament President Regina van Dinther (CDU) wins 5000 euro per hour"

Da fragt man sich beim lesen ja schon, ob man nicht irgendwie auf den Kopf gefallen ist.

Irgend ne Ahnung wie sehr das verallgemeinerbar ist?

Lustig, ich hätte garnicht gedacht das das *wirklich* so funktioniert. Komische Welt.

Krass! Hätte ich garnicht gedacht…

Im Grunde genommen ne gute Story, ich überlege mir nur, ob dies auf Dauer machbar bleibt.

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