Corruption in the training school Grone

Posted on: 3. Februar 2010

The Grone-Schule in Hamburg has specialized in the training of the unemployed and is now arguably one of the largest providers in this important sector.

From the website of the „charitable foundation Grone-Schule“ you can read the following. „The job market is constantly moving, and demands our full attention. We are committed since 1895 for the vocational training of people and want to find for each case, however complicated a solution. Our core competencies include consulting, training and personnel services. The Foundation Grone School is one of the largest private education and staffing services in Germany. „(1)

This has probably also the head „of the Dortmund branch, René Sch. Detected and identified when the Grone-school as a foundation with 900 employees … Is available from 2008 to 66 million euros in annual sales „(2), I can just take the cake was.

According to the current „investigation“ should Sch. Have „faked invoices, set up a bogus company and monies paid into fictitious accounts. Louis Rademacher, spokesman for the Foundation Grone, to MOPO:>> The irregularities came to light as part of an audit. The employee refused to give the controlling documents – which meant that we have hingeschaut very carefully <<.“( 2)

Sch. Has it provides an additional income of one million euros and allowed to have a life on a very big feet.

An employee says, „it fell colleagues have long known that he lived in grand style. Porsche and so on. And we have always asked ourselves, how does he do this?“ (2)

Another employee was able to know why what is happening. „A source who wishes to remain anonymous, gives the Grone-Stifung played a role in the fraud case: The Four-eye principle, That payments be made only if They have two sanctioned, Had been violated. It had to Control and monitoring been lacking. „(2)

This source, known in economics as a „face to face problems in Germany seems to be a big problem, especially in social services and it is unclear why exactly are among the poorest of the poor, the Hartz IV recipients is obsessively controlled in such important „controlling areas“ as in the case Sch. Simply looking away.

In the vernacular, the then called „the little ones depends on it, the big one can go.“ Just what does this with the „welfare principle“ zu tun?




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