Lower Saxony Premier Christian Wulff (CDU)

Posted on: 23. Januar 2010

Lower Saxony Premier Christian Wulff (CDU)

Lower Saxony Premier Christian Wulff (CDU), abused his office Hard to believe, what to take out politicians and especially so for Christian freedoms in that country, without being held accountable. The current case of the Lower Saxony Premier Christian Wulff (CDU) and its 14-day Christmas vacation in Florida once again demonstrates this clearly. „The government had in May last year when cheap airline Air Berlin Economy booked tickets for intercontinental flights. But in fact he enjoyed with his wife and two children, the comfortable seats in Business Class from Dusseldorf to Miami. „(1)

Logo is still that a man like Wulff, CDU can not sit with the common people in a class, right? „According to internal documents from Air Berlin is that the best luxury transportation of CEO Joachim Hunold was personally sanctioned (“ fixed price ok lt J. Hunold „). Wulff will now refund the price difference for the better seats, several thousand euros. „(1)

Afterward, when they were caught, they will suddenly never have known. „Wulff said his office was three days before departure on 20 December from Air Berlin had been informed about a free upgrade. He himself had experienced, but only at the departure of the preferential treatment was no longer change. „(1)

The rubbish he can tell the Santa Claus of Flaorida for how stupid politicians think we actually like Wulff? Here is also reminiscent of the fall of his student Ursula von der Leyen, who has denied the same time, the profound insight, while at least, Wulff wants postpay. (2)

1), 1518,672284,00. html



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