German success story of the corrupt coffee roaster!

Posted on: 17. Januar 2010

To make money with coffee

 One only has to be good in arithmetic, to know that Germany has no clear, clear, and victim-laws, and you can get rich with corruption.

The case of „the three largest German coffee roaster“ has proved this. (1) By jahrlange price fixing they have „a total of 4.8 billion euros,“ too much of the customer or us ripped off consumers.

Now, the Federal Cartel Office has determined judged and found here gentlemen have done a classic case of price collusion.

The Federal Cartel Office fines totaling approximately € 159.5 million against three coffee roasters and six employees responsible imposed for price fixing. The three companies are the Tchibo GmbH, Hamburg, the Melitta Kaffee GmbH, Bremen, and the Alois Dallmayr Kaffee oHG, Munich.

He always pay to much for his coffee!

According to the findings of the Federal Cartel existed since at least early 2000 to search the company in July 2008, a Discussion group consisting of the managing directors and sales managers The coffee roaster. The discussion was primarily the purpose of the pricing structure of the main coffee roasting products (filter coffee, sometimes even whole bean products, espresso and coffee) at the Final sale and promotion prices ( „Prize for Architecture to maintain“). To achieve this, saying the coffee roasters in the above Period, height, size, date of notification and the entry into force of proposed price increases from one another and this was particularly true for five price increases in the period between 2003 and 2008. With the exception of the last price increase in March / April 2008, all price increases were implemented in the market. „(2)

We now expect earnings of collusion on prices to remain high on the fine of 159.5 million euros, the breakfast coffee cartel of six men with a net profit of as many as 4.8 billion euros minus 159.5 million euros Geldstafe equal 4640500000 Milliare Euro winThen still say that a corruption does not pay in Germany.

And what to say about our politicians? „Federal Consumer Protection Minister Ilse Aigner (CSU) proposes to make the fine, the consumer to come to good. „(1) More do not know the lady say, staggering when you consider the profits of the coffee roaster cartel Further investigations are still ongoing. Only the 4.65 billion euros, or about, we never get again, why?




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